“Why isn’t my sourdough starter working?” is #1 question at King Arthur Flour helpline

In an interview aired on NPR’s Morning Edition today, a call center worker at King Arthur Flour, technically a “Baker Specialist,” was asked, among the 18,000 contacts made in April, what was the top question aspiring bakers had for the hotline helpers. ” ‘Why isn’t my sourdough starter working?’ ” Maggie Perry replied with a […]

Spicy/picante carrots: pickled? Or fermented?

I love spicy foods. Love. Love. Love. Those hot carrots I grew up devouring from taquerias and Mexican joints have become kind of a staple in my fridge after finding a great recipe and started making them myself (the other recipes I’ve tried were a bit too sweet for my tastes). They definitely add some […]

Sourdough starter: fail!

True sourdough bread requires making a “starter” — basically cultivating wild yeast from the air, growing, feeding and maintaining a culture of them for all eternity, opposed to just running down to the local grocery store to pick up a yeast packet and dumping it into your flour and water mixture like you would with any other bread recipe.