“Emphasizes a systematic study of fundamental principles of human anatomy at cellular, tissue, organ, and organ system levels of organization. Introduces precise terminology, structural-functional relationships, scientific method, and appreciation of related human diseases. Laboratory uses preserved animal and organ dissection, skeletal study, models, and other visual aids.”

SWCCD Catalog

Notes from the prof

Anatomy students studying the reproductive system for an upcoming exam (summer 2019).

This is a tough class. A really tough class. Probably one of the hardest you’ll take as you start your career toward a nursing or other allied health degree. It’s not so much the material that makes it hard; it’s the amount of it! Students who want do well should expect to spend 20-30 hours a week outside of class studying, coming to Open Lab, along with office hours with the prof. You should come into this class with the mindset of going to boot camp: Get ready to work hard and suffer.

The good news: I’m totally here to help you get through it. In addition to giving you my personal attention, there are a whole bunch of resources that will help. I am dedicated to helping you succeed. If you study hard and come to class ready to to rock-and-roll, you will probably do well. But be ready to put in the time! It’s not going to come easily.

I would strongly recommend enrolling in this class at a time when you won’t be taking other difficult ones, like Chemistry or Microbiology.

Student resources

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