“Surveys the basic processes of biology which are common to all organisms. Includes scientific method, biomolecules, cellular organization, structure, function, metabolism, and reproduction, genetics, evolution, taxonomic classification, ecology of plants and animals, and current events involving biology. Not intended for biology majors.”

SWCCD Catalog

Notes from the prof

As the college catalog describes, this class touches on a broad range of topics related to biological sciences. It is a fairly rigorous class, introducing concepts that some students struggle with, and others that are somewhat easier to wrap your head around.

Because this class is designed for non-majors, I try to tie in a more “real life” twist with examples of how the information would be useful to you as, for example, an English major or Business major. There is virtually no career out there that is not influenced in some way by advancements in biology and science. Hey… having some knowledge in biology could give you an edge in a job interview at one of our many local biotech companies, or help you write your next best-selling science fiction novel!

Student resources

Check out the YouTube playlists I’ve created just for this class. There are even some of my own recorded lectures from the Coronavirus “stay-at-home” campus closure.

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