“Provides laboratory experience to supplement Biology 100. May require field trips during laboratory periods.”

SWCCD Catalog

Notes from the prof

This lab accompanies and supplements the Principles of Biology lecture. And, personally, I think it’s a lot of fun. Or at least I try to make it fun. Of course, I sneak in as many biology lessons as I can while we do the various activities and experiments. You may not even notice that you’re learning during the process!

The “required field trips” mentioned in the college catalog aren’t really required. But why on Earth would you ever pass up a free (or very cheap) trip to the internationally famous San Diego Zoo? We don’t get to do this every semester, but when it does we go look at the physical, ecological and behavioral adaptations that animals from around the world have evolved to help them “fit” into their environments.

From observing the bizarre properties of water, to measuring the respiration rates of live mice, my goal in this lab is to help you look at biology in a whole new light. And to have fun doing it!

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