Fake ‘snake-eating-deer’ video. Nice try, though.

snake eating deer fake

There’s a viral video going around that shows a big ol’ snake DEVOURING a whole baby deer in a matter of seconds. I mean, it must be real, right? I just saw it on Facebook!

Well, it is real. Kind of. But not really.

It’s pretty obvious that the ginormous snake had actually swallowed the deer, so that much I think we can say is true. There were, however, a couple things that caught my attention as just not right.

I had a pet snake for a good 20 years and, hungry as she was, she never engulfed a rat as quickly as this video shows. Sure, the kill itself was pretty quick, but the eating part could sometimes take 20 minutes or more. It was always pretty amazing to watch as she un-hinged her jaws to swallow a rat that was 3-4 times her own girth. I’m sure I have a video of it somewhere.

Here’s the video that’s been making the rounds. Freaky and disturbing are just two words that came to mind. There’s actually a whole YouTube phenomenon of recording people’s reactions to watching this video that are hilarious.

Alas, according to EarthTouchNews, this viral video of a snake-gone-crazy was a fake. First, the video was sped up. Secondly, and probably more importantly, the video has been playing to the masses in reverse! Check out the actual video that was recorded:

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