Landing a full-time community college teaching gig. Part 3: The second-level interview.

Out of the initial applicant pool, some are selected for a first-level interview. If you weren’t, don’t be crushed. There are a thousand reasons why it didn’t happen (and it’s entirely probable that not being qualified was NOT one of them.) From the first round of interviewees, the hiring committee typically chooses three candidates for […]

Perceived vs. actual class challenges & study resources between lower- and upper-division anatomy courses: a mini-study

During the 2018-2019 school year, I took part in a project that was intended to look at the effects of implementing active learning strategies in STEM classes. The idea was to compare a single SLO (student learning outcome) using “traditional” teaching methods in a class taught in the fall semester, to one taught using active […]

Landing a full-time community college teaching gig. Part 2.

Okay. Your application was submitted. You got the call for an interview. Now what? The scary part: The Interview. Typically, a hiring committee that conducts the interview will include the Dean of the college, Department Chair, 2-3 faculty members and a “referee” from the human resources office (whose job it is to make sure no […]