I need help ID’ing this fish

Some friends were in Santa Cruz (CA) recently when they came across this fish laying along the shoreline. And that’s when I got a text message:
“Excuse me, Dr. Webber [insert sarcastic tone here]. What kind of big-ass headless dead fish is this?”
After what must now be at least several minutes of research (wink), I am at a loss.

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New study documents 88% decline in freshwater megafauna

Last month, researchers at the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) published a paper, compiling 42 years of data that showed disturbing (putting it mildly) trends in the loss of large freshwater fish, reptile and mammal species around the world — up to 99% in some freshwater systems.

This is huge. And, importantly, is wayyy ahead of declines that have been occurring in either terrestrial or marine ecosystems.

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Landing a full-time community college teaching gig. Part 3: The second-level interview.

Out of the initial applicant pool, some are selected for a first-level interview. If you weren’t, don’t be crushed. There are a thousand reasons why it didn’t happen (and it’s entirely probable that not being qualified was NOT one of them.)

From the first round of interviewees, the hiring committee typically chooses three candidates for the second-level interview. Or not. They may decide to cancel the whole thing. It’s a rough world out there and, unfortunately, because of their sworn non-disclosure agreement, you’ll probably never know what happened. Why so-and-so was chosen (and not you) or, on the flip-side, why you were chosen and not someone else who might have been more qualified… (on paper, anyway).

Regardless, if you are chosen as a finalist, here are some tips on what to expect.

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